Our goal is to shift Paris from the most touristic city of the world

to the most welcoming city of the world

People make places

We are two friends who love to travel, get off the beaten track, and most of all, meet people wherever we go. These encounters make the salt of travelling, make us learn, share, they remain in our memory. But nothing existed to create these encounters whith locals. So we created Welcom' in our city, Paris.

"To truly know a place, you have to know the people."

Ted Willis, travel Youtuber we had the chance to meet.

You don't need us to find the Eiffel tower, but...

To go where the Parisians go, to feel the true local life, to understand the city, it's better to meet Parisians. We, the welcomers, propose genuine Parisian experiences, over a couple hours, for you to feel like a Parisian.

"Nothing to do with tourist guides. The welcomers are like friends of friends with whom we spent two hours, an experience, a moment of sharing."

Helena and Carla, super cool travellers from Amsterdam

We are just travellers helping each others

Initially, we were a small group of friends, but we were joined by many travel enthusiasts Parisians.We are now a small community, and there is no professional among us. The welcomers are actually Parisian travellers who are at home between two trips.

"We are welcomers because meeting travellers is a way to travel in itself. And making them discover our favorite places and our lives is a way of forwarding the kindness we receive when we travel."

Lucie and Antoine, Parisians welcomers

"Constantly on the desk, put back your work and work it again."

The first version of the site, released in early July, did not satisfy us and our friends. We removed it and redesigned it from top to bottom, thanks to the feedbacks of dozens of people. We are working on the beta version, and we will release in the early Spring 2018.

If you want to be part of it or just want to support the project, leave us your mail !

We promise : no spam, no email sales

Thanks and se you soon, in Paris or anywhere else !

JB and Tiyo